Fax-To-Email Service

This low-cost service allows you to have access to a professional fax line.
This dependable service gives you the ability to receive faxes from any location.

Fax-To-Email Services

705HUB’s Fax-To-Email solution allows you to have an incoming fax line to provide your business partners,
who potentially want to send you actual paper work.

You can also use this service for outgoing faxes by sending an email to the fax to email server. This email would include the fax number you want to fax to in the header of the email and a pdf or text file as an attachment.

This service is currently limited to max. 100 pages per month (in and outbound).

$ 9.99 /mo*

Send/Receive Faxes From Any Location

Manage Business Communications

Enhance Your Professional Image

Keep/Port Your Number once you leave us


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fax-To-Email services?

Receive faxes anywhere in the world with your unique fax-to-email number. A copy of all faxes will automatically be sent to the email of your choice. Never worry about missing important correspondence.

Will my fax number be unique to my business?

Yes, you will be able to select your unique fax number from a list. This line will be unique to your business.

Do you have to be a member to purchase fax-to-email services?

You do not need to be a member to purchase fax-to-email services. If you become a 705Hub Platinum Member, you will receive one month of fax-to-email services at no cost and receive discounts on other 705Hub services.

Can I use my fax number instantly?

Your number will need to be processed with your chosen email address before you can start receiving emails, however, our unique service allows you to know your number upon placing your order so that you may use it to set up your business cards and other promotional materials immediately.

What happens to my number if I cancel my service?

You will have the option to keep or port your number for a small fee if you cancel your service.

705HUB Platinum Membership

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